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Cedric Fernando, MD: How to Stay Safe at Work

Cedric Fernando, MD, is an occupational health physician in Unicoi County, Tennessee, where he performs all aspects of workplace health evaluations and treatments as the Medical Director of the Unicoi County Memorial Hospital Occupational Health Department. Here, he offers guidelines on how to stay safe at your job.

Workplace safety is an important issue in many professions. Safe workplace practices are crucial not only in traditionally “dangerous” jobs such as construction, but also in office jobs. The best ways to preserve health and prevent injury while at work are to become familiar with the specific safety guidelines for your workplace and to take commonsense health maintenance measures.

Practice safe techniques for lifting heavy equipment or boxes, and adjust equipment to fit your physiology. Remember to take short breaks for stretching or to drink water if you are outside in the heat. Repetitive motion of any type, whether typing at a computer or carrying heavy objects, can cause injury. Prevent repetitive motion injuries by changing your motions and taking breaks.

A healthy lifestyle will also help prevent workplace injury. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, getting sufficient sleep, and not working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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