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The Clarendon Foundation Assists Sri Lanka’s Children

By Cedric Fernando, MD

A committed group of individuals founded the Clarendon Foundation with the mission of assisting the poor in Sri Lanka, particularly children. Foundation volunteers gather support for this mission through fundraisers, monthly giving programs, and one-time gifts. Since its inception in 1990, the Clarendon Foundation has raised more than a million dollars.

In 1990, the Clarendon Foundation founded a home catering primarily to orphaned children, many of whom lost their parents during civil unrest or, more recently, in the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. In addition to shelter, the home supplies children with food, clothing, health care, and education. Thirty former residents of the home continue to receive support from the Foundation to ensure that they complete their educational goals and locate employment. In a similar program in another area of Sri Lanka, the Foundation supports 12 children at a home operated by the non-profit organization Better Opportunities for Children.

The Clarendon Foundation contributes to a host of other life-changing programs, including Hepatitis A vaccinations, renovations of children’s homes, support for the home care of cancer patients, funding for heart surgeries, and many other worthwhile causes.

About the Author: Cedric Fernando, MD, contributes to the Clarendon Foundation. In his professional life, Dr. Fernando holds the position of Medical Director for the Occupational Health program at Unicoi County Memorial Hospital in Erwin, Tennessee.


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