Unicoi County Memorial Offers Full-Time Occupational Health Program

For more than 25 years, Cedric Fernando, MD, has held the position of assistant clinical professor of family medicine at East Tennessee State University. Cedric Fernando, MD, also serves as the medical director of the occupational health program at Unicoi County Memorial Hospital in Erwin.

Employers throughout the Erwin area are invited to participate in Unicoi County Memorial Hospital’s full-time occupational health program. The program is designed to minimize employer costs and maximize workplace productivity while providing the care that injured employees need.

The program’s pre-employment screening services include physicals, laboratory tests, x-rays, stress testing, hearing evaluations, and pulmonary function testing, among other available evaluations. The comprehensive drug testing program consists of pre-employment screening services as well as ongoing random and targeted testing according to each company’s policies. All laboratory results are reviewed by a certified medical review officer to ensure accuracy.

In addition to treating work-related injuries, the hospital’s occupational health staff offers physical therapy, employee compliance monitoring with modified duty instructions, and vaccines.


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