An Overview of the AAFP’s Focus on Family Medicine

Focusing on occupational health and medicine, Cedric Fernando, MD, is the medical director in the Occupational Health Department at Unicoi County Memorial Hospital. After earning his degree at East Tennessee University Quillen College of Medicine, he complemented his hands-on experience and education with a number of certifications. In particular, Cedric Fernando, MD, is a certified medical review officer (MOR) and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

As one of the world’s largest medical organizations, AAFP advocates over 110,600 family physicians, residents, and students. The main goal of the organization is to help family physicians better treat their patients by increasing the value of AAFP membership. Members gain access to exclusive programs, educational seminars, and other perks that they can use to advance their knowledge of family-oriented medicine.

Following World War II, many physicians branched out into specialized areas of medicine, leaving those in need of general services without local doctors to call their own. Family medicine emerged as a subset of the medical field in 1969. Physicians who practice the discipline pledge to provide care for all individuals regardless of their socioeconomic standing. Their focus on the family allows them to treat patients of all ages, beginning at infancy and extending through senior years.

AAFP is proud to represent family physicians, who devote their time and energy to treating a broad range of conditions as well as offering generalized services such as checkups and physicals.


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