Avoiding Job-related Accidents by Eliminating Workplace Hazards

Cedric Fernando, MD, has provided medical care to patients in the Tennessee area for over two decades. A board-certified family physician, he currently serves as the medical director for the Unicoi County Memorial Hospital Occupational Health Department. Dr. Cedric Fernando earned his MD from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in the British West Indies and fulfilled his residency through East Tennessee State University.

In many situations, workplace hazards result in avoidable accidents, such as slips and falls, muscle sprains, chemical exposure, burns, and others. Job-related accidents can lead to missed days from work, medical costs, and long-term rehabilitation expenses.

To avoid accidents, both employers and employees can work to eliminate hazardous conditions around the workplace. Employees can clean up their work areas, make sure to read and follow all safety guidelines and regulations, and take additional safety precautions if sick or fatigued. Employers are responsible for providing safety training and following up with employees to ensure that they are complying with the established rules and practices. Employers should also ensure work areas are well lit and free of clutter and that all equipment and furniture is functioning properly. A proactive approach to safety can prevent accidents and injuries, increase productivity, and save time and money.


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